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Sharia Law!: Indonesian Couple Get Whipped For Dating Before Marriage!!

Three unmarried Indonesian couples have been found guilty by Sharia law for daring to go on dates before the knot was officially tied.

For their sanction, the 3 couples were sentenced to a public lashing of the cane in front of the Al Furqon Mosque in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. As the ‘dating couples’ were caned, a crowd gathered to watch.

Aceh gained a special autonomy in 2001. Since then, there has been a sort of re-structuring of laws in Aceh, Indonesia. It is currently the most conservative place and the only one in Indonesia that still implements the Sharia law.


As a strict Muslim country, Indonesia is really not the place to try out just about any ‘unconventional’ trend.

Last week, the international community shuddered at the capital punishment meted out to alleged drug traffickers in the country. In the years past, the nation has damned all pleas from the world over to apply clemency on the sentencing of drug traffickers.

United Nations believe that capital punishment which is endorsed by the Indonesian authorities is not commensurate to the crimes of the drug offenders.


As usual, Indonesia rebuffed the calls for clemency and killed the accused persons by firing squad.

Without a doubt, Indonesia is most probably out to scrap all forms of immorality in their society. However, flogging grown adults for going out on dates is a little extreme and rather very strange for the entire world to comprehend.

According to Sharia law, unmarried men and women are not allowed to get too close due to the ‘khalwat’ offence.

As a matter of fact there are a collection of offences that can attract public caning in Aceh. They include: Gay sex, gambling and drinking alcohol.


In Aceh, Indonesia, women are not permitted to be at entertainment venues after 11pm except they are found in the company of their spouses or male family member.

In addition to that, men and women who are not married must not be found riding together on a motorbike.

The flogging of the dating couples amongst other sanctions has raised the interest and criticisms of right groups.


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