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What The Shape Of Your Teeth Says About You – According to a Morphopsychologist!!

Did you ever think that the shape of one’s teeth can say a lot about their personality? This science is called Morphopsychology and is used for evaluating a person’s personality by his physical appearance. Teeth are one of the foremost things you can see when you converse with someone and if you know which shape means what, you can actually be pretty good at seeing them through their skins. But of course, personality analysis is not as simple but the following has been established by various psychological analyses and has been seen to hold true in most cases. The four shapes of teeth also represent the four basic temperament types defined by Hippocrates as the four humors.

So, take a look in the mirror and see what the shape of your teeth is – Square, Oval, Rectangular or Triangular. Read what it means and which humor it is associated with.


Square shaped teeth are quite easy to identify and are associated with characteristics much like a square – orderliness, sense of control and objectivity. People with square-shaped teeth are very calm and are in control of themselves and their emotions. They are very good with their judgments and decision making because they are known to be very objective. Besides these, they are diplomatic, ambitious and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Flaws : Their objectivity and sense of control can appear to be too hardly defined sometimes.

Hippocrates’ humor for square teeth: Phlegmatic


The defining characteristic for people with oval-shaped teeth is their love for art. They talk artsy, walk artsy, and everything about them is artsy. From their hair to their accessories, they keep it all artistic. Besides this, they are shy, sensitive and organized.

Flaws : They may carry the burden of the poet as they can be slightly melancholic.

Hippocrates’ humor for oval teeth : Melancholic



The defining characteristic for people with rectangular-shaped teeth is their practicality and solution-orientedness. They are very rational with anything and everything – be it work or their personal lives. They know what to do and how to get to do that. And this makes them very good planners. They are optimistic and full of energy. They are dynamic, sociable, talk a lot but are very sharp with their conversations. They can be very imaginative and full of ideas.

Flaws : They can be irritable at times and can appear to lack emotion at times.

Hippocrates’ humor for rectangular teeth : Choleric


Triangular teeth are characterized by dynamism. The people with these kind of teeth are carefree in their lives and know how to have fun, which also makes them optimistic. A phrase that can be used to describe them is Carpe Diem! They know how to seize the moment and are known to live in the present.

Flaws : They can appear too independent at times and their carefree spirit can reflect a lack of rootedness.

Hippocrates’ humor for triangular teeth : Sanguine

Besides the shape, style of the teeth can also reflect on a person’s nature and decision-making ability. The following is a list of the kinds of teeth and what it shows about them and their decision making power:

Evenly shaped teeth: Very poised and good decision makers

Gapped teeth: Humorous; lustful
Big front teeth: Obstinate; make inflexible decisions

Small front teeth: Kind, merciful decision making

Crooked teeth: Confused decision makers

Buck teeth: Shyness

Underbite teeth: Aggression

Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed by the Doctors are their independent professional judgment and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of their views. This should not be considered as a substitute for Physician’s advice. Please consult your treating Physician for more details.


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