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Shakira: “As A Child, I Was Told That I Was Singing Like A Goat”

Young people are sometimes fascinated by the success of the icons of music, sports, cinema … without being aware of what these personalities live from day to day and also what they have had to live in their past, to To get there. Many people who have become stars today have gone through very difficult stages.

This is the case of the star Shakira, now married to the Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué.


Questioned by Closer magazine about her career, she says full of heart that: “From the beginning, I encountered difficulties. My music teacher did not even want me to be part of the choir. He felt that my voice was too dissonant and my vibrato, too pronounced. Some of the class, who are still very good friends, kept telling me I was singing like a goat! (Laughter.) »

But in this ordeal, she at least received the infallible support of her father. She testifies on this subject that “I remember that I often came home sad and my father told me not to give up this vibrato and that one day, Shakira would be on all radios! ”

This type of testimony, stars like Shakira helps to boost the motivation of young people especially in Africa to which one does not always learn to go to the maximum of their possibilities.


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