Sexual Scandal: R. Kelly’s Brother, Carey Kelly Makes Appalling Revelations

R. Kelly’s brother revealed that he had been sexually abused as a child. Carey Kelly made this revelation during an interview for the controversial new documentary series Surviving R. Kelly, who made her US debut last Thursday.

The revelation seems to corroborate R. Kelly’s own confession that he was sexually assaulted as a child.Publicity

Carey Kelly revealed that he had told his brother that he had been abused by a family member, but said the singer “did not really react to his complaint” and did not want to acknowledge what he was saying. had said.

“I was abused by a family member and it changed my life,” Carey told the cameras. “I knew it was not good even though at the time I was only six years old. I was afraid to tell my mother. Robert, being my big brother, I told him about it and I told him what had happened to me and when I told him that he did not really react as I would have wanted, He told me No, nothing of that happened. I said, “Yes, that’s right.” He said, “No, not at all.” I stayed there.


R. Kelly has previously claimed to have been sexually abused by a parent at the age of 7. “It teaches you to have sex sooner than you want. You know, it’s the same as putting a loaded weapon into a kid’s hand – he’s probably going to become a shooter as he grows up. I think it affects you a lot when it happens at a young age. You are more excited. Your hormones are higher than they normally would be. Mine was, “the singer told GQ magazine.

LifeTime’s new Surviving series of documentaries Surviving R. Kelly is investigating long-standing allegations of sexual misconduct against Kelly by a number of women – accusations he vehemently denies.

The star has threatened to sue the Lifetime bosses and says he has two recordings that prove they knew some of the girls in the documentary were lying about their experiences with him.Publicity

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