Sexual Assault: Singer R. Kelly Banished from Philadelphia?

Following charges of sexual assault on R. Kelly, Philadelphia City Council reportedly voted unanimously to ban the singer from entering the city as part of the “Mute R. Kelly” resolution. Councilor Helen Gym, reports CBS Philly.

In an interview with Philadelphia Inquirer, Helen Gym said, “I think R. Kelly and predators like him should be ashamed and banished from the public sphere.”

“We reject a system that silences black women and accepts black grief,” Helen Gym wrote on Twitter. “We believe in the testimonies of the victims. R. Kelly is not welcome in Philadelphia. This symbolic act of solidarity is a warning for sexual predators, “she added.


Although technically R. Kelly will not be arrested if he goes to Philadelphia, Helen Gym noted that his resolution, which she originally presented last week, was intended to send a message to the singer that the city supports its victims and condemns his sexual abuse.

R. Kelly was charged with sexual assault and child pornography, but the RnB singer denied all allegations and was not found guilty of any sexual crime. In the summer of 2018, he released a song called “I Admit”, in which he speaks of these allegations. In the clip, he “confesses” that he likes wild sex.

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