“S3x Before Marriage is GOOD as Long as It’s Mutually Pleasurable”- Female Pastor says

A pastor has authored a book which says it’s okay for singles to indulge in s’ex before marriage, Christian or not.

Having s’ex outside marriage even though accepted by society, is frowned upon by christians. An author, Bromleigh McCleneghan, has attempted to explain why it may be okay to actually indulge in ‘guilt-free’ s’ex even as a single christian who doesn’t conform to the world (okay na).

According to her, it’s okay to have s;ex along as it’s “mutually pleasurable and affirming“. She also said it’s not by force to stay off se’x, especially if you became single by circumstance.



The married mother of three who is also an associate pastor at the Union Church of Hinsdale in Chicago, USA, said it’s also great to be faithful to your se’xual partner, even if you are both unmarried.

Here’s what she said below:

“If we refrain from having s’ex that isn’t mutually pleasurable and affirming, that doesn’t respect the sacred worth of ourselves and our partners…Chastity, or just se’x, requires that whether we are married or unmarried, our s’ex lives restrain our egos, restrain our desire for physical pleasure when pursuing it would bring harm to self or other.”




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  1. Pastor bring scriptural evidence.where in the bible do you see that which was hidden to people of earlier times. End time pastor. Iam not surprised. This has always been the foundation of Christianity. Anything goes.

  2. It’s just unfortunate that I couldn’t remember the exact quotation in the book of Ezekiel which talks about the end times, it says ”men of God will be preaching the kinds of messages the people will like to hear”. This is just a fulfillment of Bible prophecies. End time preachers, perverting and manipulating the word of God. The Bible clearly condemns sex before marriage, here is one so-called pastor saying something that is not biblical.

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