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Seven Historical African-American Universities That Are In Top Rankings  

The seven historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) established before 1964 on the land of United States were especially meant for the education of black people only. The soul intention of building these institutions was to provide and promote the best education to the black community. Who knew in those times that the universities established for the black people would be the top educational institutions some day and for which even the royal communities will compete to get admission. Got confused? Here is the list of top seven universities of current times that are actually Black Universities.

1- Spelman College

The oldest in the names of historical black colleges, Spleman College was especially established for Women. It was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1881. It was the first liberal arts college for black Women.  Today it offers a variety of educational streams to a large number of students. In overall ranking chart, Spleman College has proudly secured 72th position for providing the best education in real terms.

2- Howard University

Currently, the world’s most renowned university ‘Howard University’ is really a fabulous gift of the historical black era. Being established in 1867, this remarkable outcome of African-American history is located in Washington, D.C. Here, 93% of students are African Americans. The university cherishes major varieties of subjects, from traditional to Afro-American African studies program. The university holds 137th place in the overall ranking chart.

3-Florida A&M university

This historical university located in Tallahassee, is also a black university in actual. But now, it offers a wide range of streams and courses to a large number of students from all countries and races. The A & M University was founded in 1887. Today also, an approx of 90% Afro-Americans are its students.

4-Hampton University

Hampton University was founded in 1868 and proudly holds the 18th place in the world ranking. It is known for its commitment to African-American and the multicultural community. During the historical times, A&M University used to ingrain higher education to freed men and women of African community.

5- Oakwood University

The Oakward University was established in 1896 with a motto of inculcating the virtues of “Education, Excellence and Eternity” among black community. In 2007, the name of the university got changed from the “Oakwood College to Oakwood University”. Presently, the university is located in Alabama of the United States.

6-Morehouse College

The Morehouse College was founded in 1867. It is located in Atlanta of US. You won’t believe but it’s actually a private college that was famous for offering liberal arts education to the black people. And being an eye-witness of the day to day historical events of African –American history, the college assigned itself a mission to educate the worldwide students about the black history.

7- Claflin University

The Claflin University is situated in South Carolina. This was established in 1869 and since its inception it is not only educating the black only but the students from the world. But the majority of African-American students designated it a historical black university. In the present times also, nearly 92% of undergraduates studying in the university are from the African American community.

Throughout the times, these historical black universities have enjoyed a reputation of producing great scholars in various fields that have served for the wellbeing of human race. And also, it was only the talent, hard-work and a zeal for education among the black people that achieved the current popularity and reputation, these colleges and universities are enjoying.

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