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Serena Williams: Frightened By The Pain Of Childbirth, She Explains How She Would Like To Give Birth

World tennis star Serena Williams, pregnant, revealed that she has not yet discovered the sexes of her future baby but she believes that she is a girl. In an interview with American Vogue on August 15, Williams revealed why she thinks she’s a girl.

She said,
“Alexis thinks we will have a boy, but I have a strong suspicion that it will be a girl. Two weeks after we discovered the pregnancy, I participated in the Australian Open, ” 
” I was playing in a 100 degree shape, and this baby never gave me any problems. Women are strong in this way. “


She was also very honest about her fear about the pain of childbirth:

The future mother, who is eight months pregnant now says:

 “I’m nervous about childbirth . I’m not a spring chicken. The only thing I really want is an epidural, which I know a lot of people are against, but I’ve had a lot of surgery, and I do not have to suffer anymore if I can avoid it. But the most important thing is that I do not really think of being a mother hen. Not yet. That’s what I need to work on. I am so used to me-me-taking care of my health, my body, my career. “

But her friend, actress Meghan Markle, disagrees, saying that Serena Williams will be a maternity ace …

“She’ll be an incredible mom,” she told Vogue.


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