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Serena Williams Builds Schools in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya & Jamaica

Remember when Serena Williams‘ cakes broke the internet and we were asking how many squats, per hour, do we need to do to get that thick? Well the tennis champ wasn’t just showing off, she was working!
Serena recently built a new school in Jamaica! While some celebs may simply write a check towards a good cause, Queen Serena is no stranger to hard work! She posted photos and videos where she’s painting the school and getting her hands dirty while doing construction.

Her non-profit, the Serena Williams Fund partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica to build the Salt Marsh Primary School. The mission of her charity is to help “individuals or communities effected by senseless violence, and [ensure] equal access to education.”

This is the third school Serena has built. Previous secondary schools were created in partnership with Build Africa Schools in Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe.


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  1. Even before she became who she is today, she has always been my girl 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👩🏽‍🎤

  2. Awesome 😎 very good darling. May God the almighty continue to bless you and strengthen your goals.
    Please can you extend it to my country Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 I love you so much

  3. Greeting i have a charity in Africa ghana and we are trying to build a orphanage children home in the rural vellage of mampong, our aime is to accommodate as much children as possible to our abillity and get them off beging on the street and assist them with education and better living environment .
    We also try our best to support single mother whou are begging on street with their children , we would also if possible like to provid the single wouls with a free learning center where they can lean besic skill to help them get a job to support their families in the near future.
    At the moment we a larcking financal support .
    If you can support / help us to accomplish our gaol it would be well appreciated and it will give the community and the orphan a brighter future to lloke forward to .
    Thanks for reading our request for your support
    Yours faithfully mrs s ofori-atta. One love

  4. What she needs to is stop thinking like a caucasian and do something for her hometown. DO SOMETHING FOR COMPTON!!!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m reading all these thank yous to Serena but, there are plenty of needy children in the United States she could help. Africa is doing fine, other than the natives out in the jungles. They have major cities and live a lot better than most people in the United States realize. For some odd reason, celebrities like her, and a lot of others are not allowed to contribute to the “African American” right here in the USA. I think that here their efforts would be appreciated, but over there they’re treated like gods and goddesses. They are practically worshipped. Just saying

    • She did do something,” she got out alive thank you JESUS. And then she and her sister went on and made great acomplishments around the WORLD. Compton California, is blessed and highly favored. So where you been.

  5. Oooh!!!! Sister, thank you 🙏 so much and God bless you and your family. Heyyyy!!! The motherland will never forget about you in prayer 🙏.

  6. @ Rodney & Malaysia, I completely feel ya’ll especially since I overstated that not all of our people are travel illiterate anymore we in these neighborhoods & communities seeing first hand what’s really up on ground so for many now that they are finally seeing the real Africa they finally realizing that all the little kids running ain’t starving & half butt naked & though some are still impoverished they rising fast so it’s time to start giving proper respect where it’s due…not all of those starving children images is fitting Africa anymore but I can most definitely remember the streets of Compton & all praises to most high that I myself even made it out alive I mean use to live there right off Compton Blvd…back in the early 90’s when street banging was just about as real as drive by’s it was so bad we gave fake addresses just to be able to attend school in North Long Beach, yea I really do remember & everybody didn’t make it out of that life either so most definitely giving back is essential & thanks for pointing it out ✊🏿
    * remember my people whenever I am able from wherever I’m at 🖤

    • Not sure of democracy in America.
      It has taken a different twist as at now after the killing of a Black man: George Floyd and many others before.
      Let us not blindly accept all we learn and hear about America.

  7. Would have loved to see the picture of the schools Serena is building in Kenya and Zimbabwe.
    All in all she is humanitarian and promotes education for the needy.
    I hope this is not social media lies.

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