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Serafim Todorov: The Sad Story of the Last Boxer to Beat Floyd Mayweather

Before Mayweather became a professional boxer, he was an amateur and had participated in many tournaments. The American was praised for his professional fights, but a man beat him before he became professional.

Serafim Todorov: The sad story of the last boxer to beat Floyd Mayweather

This man is called Serafim Todorov and he is Bulgarian. He was promised at the time a big signing bonus, a house, a car, fighting in front of huge crowds. He was promised groso modo, a new life. But Serafim Todorov said no, “like that, quickly, without considering what I was offered”. Today, the former Bulgarian boxer believes he was “stupid” not to have signed the contract that had stretched him out of the ring, an American promoter: “This fight could have changed my life and that of my children. “

Serafim Todorov: The sad story of the last boxer to beat Floyd Mayweather

Todorov’s then 27-year-old win over Mayweather, who was 19, in the featherweight semifinal of the 1996 Olympic boxing tournament was Mayweather’s last loss in the ring. A few months later, Mayweather became a professional and began a career that earned him many millions of dollars.


Today, Todorov is struggling to succeed in life. While Floyd Mayweather accumulated hundreds of millions, Serafim Todorov, chained the bad choices after his defeat in the Olympic final. Manager crooked, conflicts with the Bulgarian federation, alcohol, women … The descent into hell. Today, nearly 50 years old and unemployed, the last boxer to beat the American megastar lives in Pazardjik, a small town near Sofia.

In a 2015 New York Times article, Todorov lived in front of a burned coffee hut with a giant banana painted on its back wall.

See photos below:

At the turn of the bend, a corroded shed containing old agricultural equipment is leaning in the tall grass. Often, a horse trots along the steep road, pulling a broken cart and rider toward the center of one of the poorest cities in the country.

The description above clearly shows the type of lifestyle Todorov lives.

Serafim Todorov: The sad story of the last boxer to beat Floyd Mayweather

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