Senegal’s Dak’Art festival seeks to highlight Africa’s rich culture

The 12th edition of Senegal’s culture festival dubbed Dak’Art continues in the West African nation’s capital, Dakar.

Close to 60 artists from Africa and the rest of the world have been showcasing their talent in the exhibition whose organizers say is the only event of note on the continent to consecrate its selection in particular to living artists in and outside the continent.

“My work is called ‘the body Marci scene’. The concept here is based on the notion of losing, not the sense of losing as we understand it all, but the idea of losing with pride,” Amira Parree said.

The question of clandestine migration preoccupies the mind of this artist who has made it the main subject of his creations.

“This issue in my opinion is one of the most important today. As I mentioned earlier, the displacement is something quite natural. The people move when they feel the real need to do so. Today we talk of migrants who are fleeing either misery or war. It is quite natural, everything is normal in my opinion. That is what I deal with throughout this work,” said Arebenore Bassene.

One of the objectives of this festival is to place Dakar as a true artistic pole. The unfolding of events has fascinated the public.

“I am here to witness the Biennale. I was very curious because firstly, there are well known artists here. This is so wonderful. I am also very pleased because the site has been well chosen,” one of the onlookers, Mique Eggermont said.

Agriculture is also on focus in this artistic event. A young Senegalese inventor Lioune La Lame unveiled his project based on micro gardening.

“My work is a craft of bottle suspended behind me, it is part of the parchment which is a set of projects. A micro gardening project which educates the public and sympathizers on the need for food self-sufficiency,” said La Lame.

Most of the artistic work in this biennial event focuses on a call to live together with different creations showcasing Africa’s artistic style to the rest of the world.

The event will draw its curtains on 2nd June.




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