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Senegalese Prime Minister Advises Young People To Use Facebook. Here’s why…  

The Senegalese Prime Minister has just made one of the most important announcements. Indeed, he invites young people to squat social networks, in this case Facebook.


At the first job forum, he blasted that the private sector is looking for 50 topographers. This announcement, Mohammad Boun Abdallah Dionne read it on Facebook. In addition, the Prime Minister urges young people to use social networks for more useful purposes.



Thus, he was surprised that young people are not aware of this job offer. Confiding in the microphone of our reporter, he says.

“As Prime Minister, I read this on Facebook. And as head of government, I was already aware of that. “

The announcement was made at the first job forum, organized by the Senegal Business Movement.

When the Minister points out television series

“Young people who have access to Facebook, I hope these young people are aware of this opportunity,” says the minister.

With humor, he points the finger at television series, which young people seem to be more interested in. “It goes on TVs, but we have competitors: Pod and Marichou.”


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