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Senegalese Mbagnick Diop Receives Nelson Mandela Prize for Entrepreneurs

Senegal has just been honored once again. On Monday, the President of the Senegal Entrepreneurs Movement (Meds) receives the Nelson Mandela Award for Best Entrepreneur.

The coronation will be given by the Institut Mandela de France. Mbagnick Diop was evaluated on innovation, business development and job creation in Senegal.


Several African Heads of State receive Mandela Prize

Like him, other Africans receive this prize. These include the Head of State of Tanzania receiving the Peace Prize, the Kenyan President receiving the Democracy Award, and the President of Chad for the Security Award.

Other prizes were also awarded, including to the President of Burundi, for the Mandela Prize for Courage.

In addition, imminent African personalities are also on the list. In addition, there are the Prime Ministers of Mauritius and Ethiopia. They came out among 5,000 candidates.

Last year, the Mandela Leadership Award was presented to President Macky Sall.


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