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Senegal: This Sheep Costs 8,000 Euros, Incredible!!!

This sheep belonging to a rare specimen is not any sheep. It costs more than a kilogram of gold. No need to know its price when you do not have a wallet full of money.

It costs 5 million CFA francs (about 8,000 euros). This amount can be used to buy several plots of land to cropland in some African countries, says an observer.

“In Dakar, there are passionate livestock investing a fortune in the purchase and care of the finest specimens. It is not uncommon to find sheep that are trading beyond reasonable more than one million CFA francs, ie EUR 1500 “, report our colleagues Seneweb.

According to this newspaper that traveled some sheep in the Senegalese capital and its surroundings, there are rams for sale by their owners around 3000-8000 euros


Who can afford it? Is it for the consumer? This is the big question that many continue to arise. By questioning some people, the sheep of the genre quickly paid by some wealthy to make gifts to the great personalities like a head of state, for example.

“For a business man, this beast pay the price, it’s nothing,” explains Abib, son of an owner of a sheepfold.
For another client modest purchasing power, “it are not sheep who are paid to Tabaski “but rather the competition that is the richest.”

Yao Junior L.

Source: AfrikMag


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