Senegal Launches Online Portal To Boost SMEs Sales

Baobab powder, palm oil are just some of the natural and locally processed products that the government of Senegal wants to promote through the platform “Made in Senegal”.

Senegalese SMEs will now be able to offer their products to local or international clientele.

“Our products are not many on the international market. Being present on this platform will give us visibility and enable us sell our products more easily. Foreigners are sometimes reluctant to buy products from Africa. But this will change because we will soon sell our products on this platform whose selection criteria is precise. I  was selected because my products are certified organic and are of very good quality. All of this will allow us to be more credible,” said Marietou Diouf, owner, Etou Nature.

“Here I am currently working to increase my production. That way, when the site is operational, I can meet the demand. The platform will allow us to access totally unknown markets. For example, my goal is to reach the US market because it is a special target market as well as the rest of Africa,” said Aissatou Deme, entrepreneur.


Made in Senegal is a platform set up by the government and its partners. It aims to improve sales and distribution systems for SMEs .

“Today we have found that with the development of information and communication technologies, there is an increasing number of transactions that are being conducted online. To facilitate connection between our countries and certain developed countries, we had to set up the Made in Senegal platform and we will accompany small and medium-sized companies in digitizing their activities with as little cost as possible,” said Bathie Ciss, Secretary General Ministry of Trade.

This is the first project of its kind initiated by the Senegalese government in the e-commerce sector. Through this project, the Senegalese authorities hope to double the country’s exports by 2035.


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