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Senegal’ Interior Minister’s Son Under Fire for Saying: “I want to leave this shitty country”

Last weekend, the son of Interior Minister Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, Ibrahima Aly Ndiaye was lynched by public opinion. While he had just made a publication on SnapChat showing his diplomatic passport, with a comment of the most displaced, he even made react less talkative. In the photo, he put “want to leave this shitty country.”

Under the influence of anger, Internet users have served him salacious answers.
In hindsight, one wonders if the passport belongs to him or if it is that of another. One also wonders which country the son of the Minister of the Interior speaks, since he resides in England.

It could then be this country, or its country of origin Senegal. Be that as it may, these insults revolted the Senegalese, who shouted at the insolence of the minister’s son.

In 2017, Ibrahima Aly Ndiaye posted on social networks a video of him, showing bundles of bank notes.

His “wise” answer to his detractors

After this episode, Ibrahima Aly Ndiaye responds to the attacks of Internet users by a message of the wisest. On his Instagram account, he says that “Allah the Most High says those who lay charges against believing men are cursed here as in the Hereafter and will have a tremendous punishment.”





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