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“Sèmè City”: Everything You Need To Know About The Biggest City of Innovation & Knowledge In Benin!

This is an ambitious project that will soon see the light of day in Benin. A unique and innovative project. It is “Sèmè City”, a sustainable and intelligent city that would promote the synergies between training, research and the incubation of innovative solutions.

The ambition is to respond to the economic challenges of Africa, and to provide opportunities for the youth of the continent.

The launch of the project takes place within the framework of “Benin revealed”, an unprecedented investment and development program of the Benin government.

“Sèmè City” will therefore house high-level training institutions, research and development centers and incubators.

It will be housed in the heart of the commune of Sème Podji (west of Cotonou) and aims to contribute to the international influence of this city.

By launching this vast project, Benin hopes to develop a unique venue to train a new generation of talent and foster the emergence of a new inclusive and sustainable growth model based on “Innovation made in Africa”.


It should be noted that the project is supported by the State at the highest level. Thus, the government plans to invest 207 billion CFA francs in the coming years as part of this project.
“Sèmè City is the symbol of our determination to promote knowledge as an engine of growth and to position Benin on the world map of the knowledge economy,” explains President Patrice Talon, who has made this project a keystone Of its development program.

“Sèmè City” proposes to build bridges between training and entrepreneurship in order to build quality human capital and thus achieve, by 2030, the creation of nearly 200 000 jobs, of which 1/3 of self- jobs.

“We are designing Sèmè City as an open-air laboratory – a Living Lab. In addition to laboratories and research centers in high-tech fields, we encourage experimentation to research and test in situ Solutions to concrete problems such as renewable energies, eco-mobility, sustainable construction or the engineering of digital systems, “explained Claude Borna, Project Manager for the Presidency of the Republic of Benin .

The land, with an area of ​​more than 350 hectares, on which the campus will be built is, it must be emphasized, made available by the State.

It should be emphasized that the project is subject to a call for tender, the process of which is organized around three stages: From 1 September 2017: opening of the project submission period.



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