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Self-defense: Three-Time World Champion In Karate, Laurence Fischer Joins Forces With DRC’s Dr. Mukwege To Help Women Fight Abuse.

For the past three years, Laurence Fischer, a triple world champion in karate, has joined the famous Doctor Mukwege to help women fight rape and other abuses. Indeed, the sportswoman regularly visits the DRC to teach these women techniques of self-defense.


The sessions are held once a week in Bukavu. On the tatami, these women find their coaches, Laurence Fischer and Franck Kwabe. They are entitled to sessions to learn self-defense. This is the way for them to regain self-confidence, rebuild and defend themselves.

Strength, concentration and endurance

The sessions take place at the Panzi Foundation, which was created in 2008 by Dr. Denis Mkwege. This man is recognized as a pioneer in the process of rebuilding women raped in Congo. Indeed, surgeon, it operates these women and rebuilds the damaged parts of the bodies of these women. In the DRC, a country ravaged by war, rape has become a weapon of war. Women and children are the main victims with thousands of victims of severe sexual abuse.


Testimony of Laurence and a Participant

Laurence Fischer, who has retired from the competitions after winning the world karate championships three times and seven times the European championships, has been involved for ten years in helping women victims of violence around the world . That is how she arrived in the DRC. It is a voluntary work for karate. And it takes a lot of fun. She explains: “Thanks to karate, these women realize they have strength. They also acquire endurance and concentration. “

A participant in this program, Sandra, 16, testifies that she would have liked to benefit from these courses to be able to face her aggressor. She decided to pass the karate to the girls in her neighborhood so that they do not suffer the same ordeal.


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