It Seems Harmless!! A Girl Wanted To Pick This Flower, But An Hour Later, She Had To Go To The Hospital! Beware

When compared to the water blisters formed from physical contact with this plant, the ones from nettle seem harmless. At first glance, the cotyledon plant looks harmless, but, as we all known, first impressions can be deceitful. This plant can reach astounding 3, 5 meters, while the stem can grow up to 10 centimeters, and it has small hairs on the bottom. The leaves’ color varies from whitish to reddish nuances.


However, despite its outer beauty, this plant contains a very toxic juice. And, touching the plant, in combination with sun exposure, can cause serious skin inflammations manifesting through water blisters that can easily turn into scars.

In such cases, medical assistance is required. Therefore, if you want to protect your family and friends from the dangers associated with this plant, share this article with them!


Written by How Africa

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