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See The Face Of Prominent Governor From Kenya Who Was Exposed By Mistress After Impregnating And Abandoning Her!!

A prominent member of the Council of Governors has been exposed for being a cheat and dead beat father. His mistress, now dumped, revealed the details of their secret life and how he changed after the birth of their daughter

A flamboyant and fiery central Kenya governor has been exposed on social media for being a dead beat father to a child he has with his mistress, now scorned.

In the post that has since gone viral, the beautiful, youthful woman revealed that she and the governor dated for a while, enjoying their time at Sportsman Arms hotel in Nanyuki among other things until she got pregnant and he changed.

“He supported me through out the pregnancy until I gave birth in January 2016. Everything he did for me was in cash. At no time did he deposit any money in my accounts,

“He rented a KSh 180,000 (GHS8k) house for me in Westlands where I lived for 10 months and even bought me a car. I would visit him at his offices at a new building in Westlands until everything changed,


“He saw our daughter grow up until July 2016 when he stopped paying rent and ignored any communication from me. We dated for a year since my days at KMTC where I was doing nursing and salon work,

“Last week, I texted him and told him our child is sick but he did not reply. I told him I will report him to the police and he replied on Whatsapp, threatening that he will kill me. I can produce evidence of this conversation where he said he will claim to provide me with KSh 100,000 (GHS4,5k),

“I want him to be honest and reveal which account he deposits this money in because my life has become difficult. We have a one year old child and he has neglected us. My parents want to know who my husband is but I cannot take him home because of his threats,

“I have photos of us during our happier times. I don’t request anything from him. All I want is for him to take care of his daughter,” wrote the woman.

The governor is a top official in the Council of Governors and one of the forefront leaders leading the charge to get President Uhuru Kenyatta re-elected.s


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