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See Photo of President Mugabe’s New Haircut Everybody Is Talking About

President Robert Mugabe outing on Wednesday spark tongues wagging when he appeared in public sporting a new look.

The 93-year-old long-serving Zimbabwe leader delivered his keynote at the burial of retired Brig-Gen James Murozvi at Heroes Acre sporting a clean shaven haircut, commonly known as a “chiskop” in Zimbabwe.

The younger looking Mugabe was almost unrecognisable with his dark shades to go with his unexpected transformation.

Mugabe has never been seen in public clean shaven, probably in decades.

The president’s haircut immediately got people talking.

Senior Zimbabwe journalist Brezhnev Malaba, tweeted: “Robert Mugabe never ceases to amaze! He has emerged clean shaven at Heroes Acre. He looks 20 years younger! He has shaved off 20 years!”


mugabe hair.JPG
mugabe Hair1.JPG

mugabe HH.JPG

Added another social media user “President Mugabe speaking at the National Heroes Acre. ” He has a bald haircut. Might be first time I’ve seen him bald. Is this breaking news?”..


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