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See List of 21 Most Corrupt Nigerians Ever

I found this list on Facebook and thought I would share it here. I know this has been making the rounds for a while but since we are on an anti corruption drive it just seemed relevant to the discussion.


It is probably best ignore the alleged amount looted as they a really just made up. The question here really is the role these men and women to played in the current state of Nigeria. They all talk a good game and it is easy to forget that they have had the opportunity to fix this country with many of them having multiple chances.

Note: The list does is missing President Jonathan and key members of his administration including the former Minister of Petroleum. These names are important to the conversation. In effect this in the main is a list of current APC members.

Enjoy the list and your comments would be greatly appreciated.

The List of Top 20 Most Corrupt Nigerians (dead/alive)

  1. Oluesgun Obasanjo – He stole $25 billion from 1999-2007 ($16.4 from power sector alone)
  2. Ibrahim Babangida – He stole $15 billion from 1985-1993 ($12.4 billion from oil wind fall in 1990)
  3. Abdulsalam Abubakar – He stole $9 billion from 1998-99
  4. Sani Abacha – He stole $7 billion from 1993-1998
  5. Ahmed Bola Tinubu – He stole and continues to steal from Lagos State treasury since 1999 till date. It’s estimated that he has stolen $6 billion so far.
  6. Muhammadu Buhari – He stole $2 billion from NNPC accounts in the ’70s and the money was traced to Midland bank (now HSBC), London. Under his watch as PTF Head, N25 billion got missing according to PTF Situation Report submitted to Abdusalam in 1999.
  7. TY Danjuma – He fraudulently got enriched through oil blocks from the Niger Delta worth $20 million in the 70s after the counter coup. Those oil blocks worth billions of dollars in today’s value.
  8. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – He stole $1.2 billion as CBN Governor from 2008-2014.
  9. Bukola Saraki – Through his father, Olukola Saraki, their bank, Societe Generale and as a governor of Kwara State (2003-20111) he stole $1.1 billion
  10. Nasir El Rufai – Before he was made the FCT Minister, El Rufai was broke, homeless and was looking for loan to import taxis from the UK. After he was made the minister, he seized landed properties that belonged to Nigerians and resold them with huge profit. It’s estimated that he stole $1 billion from 2003-2007.
  11. Tunde Fashola – He is the poster boy of Tinubu. Boht of them looted Lagos dried and left it in debt of about N1 billion. Fashola, among other thing built his personal website for N78 million, drilled borehole for over N100 million per each and built a kilometre road for N1 billion. He stole $900 million from 2007-2015. He’ll soon be a minister to continue the looting.
  12. Chubike Rotimi Amaechi – From 2007 to 2015, he stole $700 million and $150 million from that money was used to sponsor Buhari and APC.
  13. Atiku Abubakar – When he as asked by our reporter how he made his money, he simply said “he was always at the right place at the right time.” Atiku is an astute businessman, but through shady deals, he stole $500 million from 1999-2007.
  14. James Ibori – He stole $150 million from 1999-2007 as governor of Delta State. He’s serving his term for money laundering in the UK.
  15. Amina Mohammed – This woman was the founder of Afri-Project Consortium (APC) that was in charge of all PTF Projects during Abacha’s regime. About $125 million was stolen from PTF accounts from 1994-1998. Buhari has just nominated the same woman as a minister to continue to stealing.
  16. DSP Alamieyeseigha – He stole $120 million and was arrested for money laundering. He pleaded guilty and long served his term.
  17. Sule Lamido – He stole $110 million between 2007-2015 and out of that amount, $50 million was found in his sons’ bank accounts. He was arrested and detained for days together with his sons.
  18. Rabui Kwankwaso – He stole $100 million as a governor of Kano State. EFCC has arrested many of his aides and they are “singing” how they siphoned the money
  19. Kashium Shettima – this governor has stolen about $80 million and still counting.
  20. Rauf Aregbesola – he has milked Osun State to the tune of $60 million.
  21. Kayode Fayemi – this former governor stole $40 million and stashed some part of the loot in Ghana. He was reportedly bought a bed for N50 million.

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  1. Since what has been known for a long time has now been made public,
    1) the British Government should immediately and unconditionally release Mr Ibori.
    2) Olusegun Obasanjo, the “head thief” should be arrested, and flown to England to stand trial for corruption.
    3) All his stolen property should be seized, and returned to the country.

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