See How Your High Fat Diet May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Today, you will find that a number of people are looking into new diets. Eating clean and healthy is slowly becoming a popular trend everyone wants in on. It isn’t just a trend, but a lifestyle change for the better! But what exactly is eating healthy in the first place? While whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables are a priority, there are a few other points one must consider as well. It’s all about balance and the right amount of essential vitamins and nutrients you need. This is in order for your mind and body to perform to its ultimate ability.

Teenagers and young adults have taken on a new diet composed of high fat and low carb. While it is said high fat leads to a healthier brain, studies show that a high fat diet could be harmful to young and maturing brains.


Ketosis is the new diet overweight and obese people are looking into. This is composed of a diet filled with foods of high fat, with as little to no consumption of carbohydrates. They say that the low carb diet will help reduce the excess water weight and burn the fat off quickly. The food high in fat will also help improve brain health while at a calorie deficit. It helps you keep at a calorie deficit, as a high consumption of fat will help you keep satiated for longer.

A usual high fat diet consists of “bullet” coffee, where dieters would replace the usual creamer and sugar with oils consisting of healthy fats, such as coconut oil or butter. Protein with fat is a main component of the diet, with fewer fruits and minimal vegetables. Vitamins and supplements are taken in as well for the dieter to still get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients for good health. For men, a testosterone booster is taken to ensure energy while working out, as well as more muscle gain. While many have sworn by its results, is it really a diet to follow in the long run?


A study was created on this, consisting of 23 men and women who weighed 218 pounds on average. They participated a six-month weight loss program that had an appropriate amount of cardio and strength exercises while taking in 30% of carbohydrates and 40% of fats. Another group went on a similar weight loss program, but with 55% of carbs and 30% of fat. The results showed that the low-carb dieters ended up losing more weight in a span of two months as compared to those who consumed more carbohydrates.


But when keeping a high fat diet for a long period of time, you may end up being at risk for cardiovascular diseases. This is because you are lessening your intake of fruits and vegetables for the sake of focusing on foods high in fat. In the end, you may lose the nutrients you need, despite taking in vitamins and supplements. After all, you will need fruits and vegetables not only to keep your body healthy and strong but to avoid any health risk as well. The right intake of whole food will also decrease the risk of cancer and other diseases. Also, lessening your carbs will affect your glycemic index and fiber intake, which can affect your blood circulation and the heart’s performance.


Many people automatically assume that a low-fat diet will help you drop the fat immediately. While that’s true, it may also affect your health when done longer!

A diet low in fat and high in carbs may be disadvantageous, especially in terms of weight loss. When going low fat, your body stores any fat left in the system, which discourages a leaner physique. It can also affect your memory and skin condition because of the fewer healthy oils you are consuming.

In Conclusion

So, which one is the better diet? While both have their advantages, they can also be detrimental to the health. It will all depend on how your body works and what it prefers. This means trial and error, sticking to a balanced weight loss program and making sure that you have the right percentage of macronutrients, avoiding low-fat or low-carb diets. This is to ensure both a healthy mind and body in the long run.

You can still take in any of these diets and reap the benefits it has to offer, though. If you will be taking a diet either high in fat or carbs, then it’s best to stick to it for a short period of time than to make it a lifestyle change. If you end up excluding one macronutrient for too long, then you will end up getting into trouble, health-wise!

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