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Security Of African Heads Of State: The VVIP!!

While the security of African heads of state is becoming obsessive, there are fewer but better educated and better equipped officials.

In 1995, when Hosni Mubarak, President of Egypt for fourteen years, joined the headquarters of the Organization of African Unity in Addis Ababa, a van with six men armed to the teeth interrupts the presidential convoy and opens fire. A single window of Mubarak’s vehicle burst under the avalanche of bullets. The Head of State turned around, joined the airport and returned to Cairo. Without armor, there is no doubt that the attack on these Sudanese affiliated to Al-Qaeda would have been fatal. Indeed, the armored car is part of the panoply of a president. The Mauritian Ameenah Gurib-Fakim ​​is perhaps the only head of state on the continent not to be endowed.


The range starts at around 500,000 euros and can reach 1.5 million for more prestigious models, explains Jean-Paul Rosette
Carat Security Group, one of the French-speaking leaders in the construction of these vehicles, specially designed for VVIPs (very very important person), owns seven factories in the world, including one in Brittany, France. One of its competitors, very present in Africa, is Belgian: Carat by Duchatelet. The changes they bring to passenger vehicles (Mercedes S-Class or G-Class, Toyota Land Cruiser and Range Rover for the most common models on the mainland), capable of stopping an assault rifle or shock And the flames of an explosive charge of 25 kg, triple or quadruple their basic price. “The range starts around 500,000 euros and can reach 1.5 million for more prestigious models,” explains Jean-Paul Rosette, CEO of Carat by Duchatelet.

And the fleet of the president is acquired in duplicate, or even triple: vehicles are available at the Palace, but also in his other residences, when he travels by plane or helicopter. A budget that can cringe. In July, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari canceled the purchase of five S-Class for an amount of 2 million euros.


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