Here Is The Secret To Happy Marriage, Couple Celebrating 75th Wedding Anniversary Reveals

A couple who are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary have spoken out about what makes a happy marriage, and it is not what you expect it is.

Nan and John Milton
The devoted couple, Nan and John Milton, who are celebrating one of the world’s rarest anniversaries of 75 of married life together, years have revealed the secret to a successful marriage – arguing, Mirror Online reports.
According to them, the secret of their happy marriage is argument. They put their long and happy marriage down to enjoying a good row – and then forgetting all about it.
Mr Milton, who is just a few months short of his 100th birthday, said: “Every couple has arguments one way or another, but we get over them and forget them the next day and that’s it.

“You just take one day at a time, but we are very fond of each other.”
Mrs Milton, 93, who worked in retail and then at the National Savings Bank, said: “I know people disagree with me, but I think the fact that you argue is the thing.
“I think people who bottle it up and don’t argue don’t get it out of their system.
Young John and Nan Milton in 1941, the year they got married
And it is mutual support through thick and thin that has helped make the Miltons’ marriage such a success, reports the Daily Record.
“We just do what we can for each other,” Mrs Milton saidWe’re fond of each other.”
Mr Milton, who was a supervisor at India of Inchinnan, added. “And when the time comes we’re going to miss one another.”
Neither of the anniversary couple can believe that 75 years have passed since they were married during the dark years of the war on April 18, 1941.
They met when the young Nan opened the door to John at her mother’s house in the south side of Glasgow in 1939. He was visiting as a friend of her brother, and at first there was just warm friendship between them.
Mrs Milton said: “It was the 10th of September that I met him and he was in the Territorial Army, stationed around Glasgow for quite a while. I had seen him two or three times when he was visiting our house.
“And I think we went out a few times with my brother and his girlfriend. It was nice, but that was it.

“When he was stationed in England he came home on leave in the November with an engagement ring in his pocket, and had never ever said anything about it.”
John and Nan Milton with their family and friends on their 70th wedding anniversary
But Mr Milton had always loved young Nan.
“As soon as I saw her, that was it,” he explained.
The Second World War intervened in the couple’s lives, and Mr Milton went off to serve with the Royal Artillery 10th India Division in Africa and the Middle East, but with a blissful break for them to get married 75 years ago.
The couple had two children – Sandra, who died in 2013, and Kitty, who died just a few weeks after she was born. Both girls remain beloved in their memories.
A special event will take place today that has been organised by Mr and Mrs Milton’s many grandchildren and great-granchildren.
They are having a family celebration at the Erskine Bridge Hotel, where the Lord Lieutenant for Renfrewshire, Guy Clark, will deliver greetings on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen.
Mrs Milton said the realisation of the special nature of the anniversary has only just dawned on her.
“All of a sudden I feel quite proud,” she said. “Up to now I hadn’t given it a thought. It was only when somebody else started making a fuss of it I realised just how important it was.”
And Mr Milton had the final word, adding: “We just keep moving along with life.”

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