Secondary School Students Turn Dog Poo into Bricks

A group of secondary school students in the Philippines have found a way to convert poo from stray dogs into a mixture for bricks, aiming to rid city streets of excrement and potentially even lower construction costs.

As part of a research project, eighth-graders in the Payatas district north of the capital Manila gathered and air-dried dog faeces, which were then mixed with cement powder and moulded into rectangular “bio-bricks”.

“Our streets will really be cleaned up,” Mark Acebuche, the students’ science class adviser, told Reuters. He hoped local government or corporations would sponsor the students’ research to help upgrade production.


Dog ownership in the Philippines is unregulated and rules on taking care of pets are only loosely implemented, leading to a large number of stray dogs.

The students say their “bio-bricks” are ideal for sidewalk pavements or small structures like backyard walls.

Each brick contains 10 grams of dog poo and 10 grams of cement powder and has a faint odour that the group says will fade with time.



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