Second Submarine With Ballistic Missiles Discovered In North Korea

An international magazine announces the existence of a second North Korean submarine that would perform better than its predecessor.

US intelligence has uncovered a state-of-the-art North Korean Sinpo-C that would be equipped with one or more intercontinental ballistic missiles, Diplomat magazine reports.


According to the latter, the submarine with a draft of 2,000 tons and 11 meters wide is equipped with a diesel-electric engine.


Although the submarine was photographed by satellite in April 2017, its existence has been revealed to the magazine only recently.

Until now, only one North Korean submarine with intercontinental ballistic missiles was known to be Sinpo-B. This submarine with a draft of 1,700 tons and equipped with Pukguksong-1 missiles was observed for the first time in 2014.

According to the magazine, the Sinpo-C submarine is bigger and more powerful than its predecessor Sinpo-B and could be equipped with more efficient intercontinental ballistic missiles. Nevertheless, it would also be easier to detect for the forces of South Korea, Japan and the United States.

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