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Second Snow In Almost 4 Decades Falls In The Sahara Desert

The largest and hottest desert in the world – Sahara Desert – has experienced yet another snowfall in 38 years at Ain Sefra in northern Algeria.

Residents of the desert town in the Naâma Province woke up to a sea of white covering the sand dunes last weekend and photographer Hamouda Ben Jerad captured the moment before the 16 inches of ice melted in the day.

This is the second snowfall at the same place in 38 years after last year’s snow that was also captured by Algerian amateur photographer, Karim Bouchetata.

His photographs showed the first snowfall in the town since February 1979, with the red dunes covered with white snow patches. The snow is reported to have lasted for only a day.

Here are some reactions to the once in a lifetime experience:



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