Sea Turtle Death Rate Drops In Angola Thanks To Environmental Awareness Campaigns


A sea turtle is photographed on a sandy beach. Turtle populations on Angola’s northern coast are under threat. (Creative Commons / Piqsels)More than 20 turtles died between March and September off the coast of Soyo municipality in northern Angola, 30 fewer than in the same period in 2020, an environmentalist said here Thursday.



The decrease was the result of environmental awareness campaigns targeted at people residing in the municipality coastal zone in Zaire province, according to a survey conducted by the sea turtle study and conservation Kitabanga Project.


“We explain to coastal zone dwellers the importance of protecting turtles and other marine species, as well as the need to avoid the deposit of solid waste on the maritime coast,” said project officer Joelma dos Santos.


At least 16 turtle monitoring posts are located along the sea coast of Zaire, she said.


About 3 million baby turtles of different species have been sent back to the sea in the last 17 years throughout the southern African country as part of the Kitabanga Project.


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