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Scientists Have Found a Mutated Coronavirus Subtype that Lasts 49 Days

Chinese researchers say they discovered a new type of Covid-19 after a patient was infected for 49 days without showing symptoms, reports the British site Metro .

According to our source, the researchers say that the infected man had to receive blood from a coronavirus survivor in order to recover. They add that the new strain is much more difficult for the body to fight.

Her symptoms were mild and scientists say her body had reached a “dynamic equilibrium” with the virus.

A case study was published on March 27 on the medRxiv site for medical articles and has not yet been reviewed or reviewed by other scientists.


Covid-19 swab tests showed that for 49 days, the unidentified Chinese patient was “confused”, which meant that the virus was transported in his breath through droplets.

The anonymous Chinese patient went to Wuhan Hospital for tests on February 8 after suffering from intermittent fever for a week, but had no other symptoms associated with Covid-19, such as a cough. He also had infectious lung lesions that disappeared shortly after being hospitalized.

The patient had a high viral load of Covid-19 but his immune cell indicators remained stable. Researchers from Chongqing Army Medical University said: “The virus and the host can even form a symbiotic relationship. ”Recovered from Covid-19 and had developed antibodies to the disease.

The average coronavirus excretion is believed to be 20 days despite the longest recorded case at 37 days.


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