Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Heal The Heart After A Heart Attack

It is a revolutionary treatment that helps heal the heart after a heart attack. Indeed, it could save millions of people around the world living with heart disease.


Scientists from Oxford University and University College London have discovered that the heart can repair itself if it is triggered properly. They have also been working on how to speed up and improve the natural process through the use of protein and they are hoping to find a path to new drugs.

The scientists described their findings as an “exciting new step” that could be used to treat heart failure. The latter is usually caused by heart attacks, and occurs when the heart becomes progressively weak to pump blood throughout the body.

Scientists have discovered that after a heart attack, the heart begins to heal itself naturally and reaches new lymphatic vessels. These vessels are the key to transporting dead cells and bacteria, allowing the recovery of the heart.

It is possible to speed up the recovery process with VEG FC protein. “We have proven that patients who have had a heart attack, with good stimulation, can achieve great results. Thanks to this protein that activates the lymphatic system and helps to heal the heart muscle. It also reduces the risk of heart attacks and improves blood pumping function, “said Oxford professor Paul Riley.

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