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Scientists Found A Strange Egg Older Than 2000 Years: What They Saw Inside, Shocked Them!!!

Jackie Conway worked on the Emlagh bog in Ireland where he discovered something amazing. In the middle of the bog’s bottom, he found 10kg heavy piece of lump. According to the report byThe Irish News, this lump is circa 2000 years old. Jack gave his finding to the Cavan County Museum.


It is not unusual for a piece of lump to persevere for such a long period in a bog, as bogs have exceptional conservatory properties like low temperature, lack of oxygen, and acid surrounding. This is not the first discovery of a bog lump. However, in the depth of 5 meters, Jack found a perfectly preserved piece, which is an amazing discovery. Lumps were once considered a luxurious product and a sign of prestige. They were used as means of payment. Maybe, some family wanted to put aside some lump for rainy days…

The lump will be thoroughly examined further. The first reports indicate that this is a brownish and white product with a strong smell similar to that of cheese. We hope Jack washed his hands after he brought this piece of lump in the museum…


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