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Scientific Study: What Really Happens To Man After Death?

Death is often perceived by the living as a long, dark tunnel to which there is no escape. Really unaware of what happens after death, scientists have been willing to unravel this mystery to explain what man feels from the moment he does not live anymore.

Researchers at the University of Southampton have conducted a large-scale study of cases of people with cardiac arrest in hospitals in the United States, England and Australia.

The results that were published some time ago in the journal  Resuscitation newspaper  reveal that of the 330 survivors, 140 of them were interviewed as part of the study and about 40% of them claimed to be aware during their “Clinical death”, before being resurrected (resuscitated).


A 57-year-old man living in Southampton revealed that he had completely detached from his body during his resuscitation. His testimony was relevant because he had reported the various acts and deeds of the medical staff while his heart was no longer beating. He even described the sound of the machines, during the 3 minutes of his cardiac arrest, the time he was dead.

According to Dr. Sam Parnia researcher at New York University, the brain can not function when the heart stops beating. It stops working 20 to 30 seconds after stopping. After the cardiac arrest, consciousness lasted up to three minutes. This allowed us to determine the duration of vigilance or consciousness of the patient.

One in five reveals having a deep sense of peace and serenity, while one in three feels that time has become too slow or, on the contrary, faster. Some people describe a bright light, a golden flash or a sunrise, while others are filled with a feeling of fear, the feeling of drowning or being dragged into deep water.


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