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SCIENCE!! ‘This Is eSight 3’: The Perfect Tech Glasses That Can Help Blind People See!!


eSight 3 is a non-surgical electronic glasses that let individuals with vision misfortune to see.

The cutting edge glasses is a visor-like headset that uses a fast and top quality camera. It is wearable, handsfree and compact.

eSight 3 was experimented on Yvonne Felix who lost her sight at the age of 7 when she was hit by a car. To her amazement the high-tech glasses helped her see once again

“I can see everything, your eyes, that you’re smiling, the pattern on your blouse,”

“It was was beautiful. It’s the type of thing that just burns in your mind. I remember seeing my husband smiling and holding our [infant] son. I could see my husband hadn’t shaved and had a beard. But seeing him smile was what…and my son’s faces…I had never experienced that before.”

eSight is the only patented, assistive-device of its kind anywhere in the world. The glasses have been around since 2012 and subsequently going through upgrades.

They’re big, but overtime have been made to be lighter. The new one is now half the size and weight of the last one.

The glasses fit over the wearer’s prescription through a pair of elastic and  magnetic bands.

On the front is a 1080p camera that grabs a live video feed of everything in sight, sends it down to a processing unit and then sends back to a pair of OLED screens.

The person wearing the headset sees full color video images clearly, with no lag time, and can zoom in. He or she can also capture photos and video with the device.

This technology will go a long way in helping multi-millions of people with impaired vision; especially those whose jobs are threatened by their low vision. It basically replicates sight for technically blind people and those with low vision.

eSight 3 was birthed on advanced technology,  many years of research and development.

It has features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a speaker and a microphone along with a wired remote control that helps to hold the battery, reducing more weight from the headset.

eSight CEO Brian Mech explains further,

“The quality of the vision it restores, and the way it does it, and the size and appearance is head and shoulders above anything we’ve done before,”

“What’s really unique about this device is that it lets Yvonne instantly auto-focus between short-range vision like reading a book or texting on a smartphone, to mid-range vision, seeing faces or watching TV, to long-range vision, such as looking down a hallway or outside a window.”

“My entire career has been spent engineering sight-enabling technologies, so I can say with some authority that eSight’s world-class lab is the largest and best engineering team, anywhere in the world, that specializes exclusively in developing medical devices that allow the legally blind to actually see and be mobile.”

The eSight 3 headset costs $9,995, which is down from the $15,000 original cost.

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