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SCIENCE: Members of these Islands Tribes Have a DNA that is Found Nowhere Else in the World. ‘and that is different from ours’

Although scientists, researchers and scholars have reconstructed the stages of evolution of the world and humanity for centuries, there are two other humanoid species that are most closely related to: Neanderthal and Dénisovien .

In recent years, strong evidence indicates that the inhabitants of the island of Melanesia may have DNA that reflects the involvement of a third species that the world has never seen before. The researchers believe that this mysterious DNA was born in the South Pacific, just to the northeast of Australia.

A scientist named Bohlender who has been studying DNA and his historical connections for many years tells us that we have yet to reconstruct the whole history of mankind. Although it is appropriate for humans to be closely linked to Neanderthals and Denisovans, he also believes that there is a third species that represents a small part of the world’s population today.

Earlier in the year, a study found links between Neanderthal DNA and certain conditions, such as depression, cardiovascular disease, and so on. It was also found that certain types of HPV was transmitted between Neanderthals and Dénisoviens (Up to 7% of our genes come from the Dénisoviens )


Following these discoveries, Bohlender believes that the true story of Neanderthals is probably very different from the story that many people believe today. He is convinced that there are events which have occurred along the Neanderthal temporal bar that we are not aware of; We miss part of the puzzle.

His thesis is that this third species is one of the missing links that explain why these specific tribes in Melanesia possess DNA that currently does not exist anywhere else in the world. Of course, this is only a theory, because there is no concrete evidence suggesting that a third human species exists.

Until now, they have found only a few bones and teeth that could be linked to a potential missing link, so until an enormous discovery takes place, this unknown human DNA will remain a mystery.

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