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Science: Check Out The Meaning of Your Phobia

Scientists define phobia as an agonizing fear triggered by an object or situation. It can happen that the element that triggers this exaggerated fear has no objectively dangerous character.

And according to them, this emotion that is fear has the role of protecting us placing our body on alert when receiving an external stimulus such as a noise or image …

But what is especially important to remember is that each person reacts differently to the phobia because we are all afraid of something.

As a general rule, in a crisis phase, the individual knows that he has an absurd attitude but does not prevent him from avoiding it.

So tell me what you’re afraid of, I’ll tell you what it’s scientifically. Here is a list of phobias and their definition.


1- Aiurophobia

Garlicophobia is characterized by an irrational fear of cats. This defense mechanism often finds its origin in a traumatism experienced during childhood.

2- Anthelmophobia

It is the exaggerated fear of the worms. It is a disorder that can not necessarily be reasoned.

3- Apiphobia

Bees are very dangerous insects, but some people have developed an unconscious fear of all insects that can sting.

4- Arithmphobia

It is a mental illness that particularly affects students. Arithmophobia is the exaggerated fear of numbers.

5- Mellophobia


You can not have the phobia of the bee and consume its substance. It is not known if the link is established between people who suffer from apiphobia and / or mellophobia. Mellophobia is defined as the fear of honey.


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