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Science Can’t Explain This?!! 2 Weeks Old Baby Looking Like 90-Year-Old Man Goes Viral On Social Media!!

Born in the seventh month of pregnancy, she weighs just 800 grams and doctors say her unusual features could be the result of Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR) and some chromosomal abnormality


The mother and the baby’s father, Ajay Dode, also 25, has refused to accept her. Her mum, 25-year-old Mamata Dode, is said to have refused to feed the youngster because of her strange looks and hasn’t visited her in hospital.
The baby’s granddad Dilip Dode, 50, acquired her to doctor’s facility Mumbai, around 138 kilometers far from the town where she was conceived, after she turned out to be sick.


He said: “I am grateful to the healing center for giving free medicinal treatment to my granddaughter.

“It is truly demoralizing that even her guardians have dismisses her yet I will go to any degree to spare her.”

Mr Dode, who fills in as a worker, said that his child and his wife had been expecting a sound tyke simply like their three-year-old little girl Payal, yet were left with sickening apprehension when their new infant was conceived with bizarre elements.

He said: “Amid my little girl in-law’s pregnancy, my child had taken her for normal check ups at essential human services focus in our town yet specialists never let them know there was any issue with the infant.

“She had a typical and normal delivery at the healing facility.
“However, when the infant was given to us, we were left stunned.

“She didn’t have the typical components and the word soon spread in the town.

“From our relatives to villagers, everybody assembled at our home to observe the child.

“What’s more, when they got the chance to see her they fled in trepidation.

“None held the infant in hands as they thought they will come down with the sickness.

“Indeed, even my child and girl in-law declined to acknowledge her as they were humiliated to have brought forth her.

“In any case, I knew it was not her deficiency so I began dealing with her. My just trust is that she gets well and carries on with a typical life.


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