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Schoolgirls invent technology that turns waste into a renewable source of energy

Schoolgirls in the Cameroon city of Douala have discovered new technology that turns waste, including human and animal poo, into renewable energy.

The process involves grinding waste into liquid or semi-liquid form and then transferring it into powerful bio-digesters that in the end produce biogas. This is then turned into electricity.

The schoolgirls are supported by The Green Girls Project, a non-governmental organization committed to training the youth to develop renewable sources of energy.

The Project’s founder and CEO, Monique Ntumngia, says she was inspired to find solutions to the challenge of lack of adequate electricity in Cameroon, where students often struggle with their studies as a result.

The Project has benefitted over 3,000 households in Cameroon


Monique adds that the project has benefitted more than 3,000 households in rural Cameroon, many of which did not have electricity previously and had struggled with the rising costs of cooking gas.

She hopes to expand her project to reach even more households across the country in partnership with Bio-Energy Cameroon, which installs her Project’s equipment. According to the World Bank, only 23 percent of people in Cameroon have access to electricity.

To see more of The Project’s activities, check out the video below.



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