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SCANDAL: According To A German Newspaper, Africa Pays 400 Billion Euros Per Year to France!!

This economic slavery is important for the development of the French economy. Whenever this traffic is likely to fail, France is ready for anything to reconquer it. If a leader of the CFA zone no longer meets the requirements of France, Paris is blocking its foreign exchange reserves and more, France closes the banks in this country considered “rebel”. This was the case of Côte d’Ivoire with Laurent Gbagbo.

A German newspaper accuses France of looting 440 billion euros each year to Africans through the CFA Franc.

“The French government collects from its former colonies each year 440 billion euros of taxes. France relies on the revenues coming from Africa, not to sink into economic insignificance, warns the former president Jacques Chirac.

In the 1950s and 60s, France decided the French colonies of Africa to become independent. Although the Paris government accepted formal declarations of independence, it called on African countries to sign a so-called “pact for the continuation of colonization.” They agreed to introduce the French colonial currency FCFA (“Franc for the French colonies in Africa”), to maintain the French schools and military system, and to establish French as an official language.
The CFA franc is the denomination of the common currency of 14 African countries members of the Franc zone. This currency, which constitutes a brake on the emergence of these countries, was created in 1945, when France ratified the Bretton Woods agreements and proceeded to implement its first declaration of parity to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) . This was called “Franc of the French Colonies of Africa”.

Under this law, 14 African countries are still obliged to store about 85 per cent of their foreign exchange reserves at the Banque de France in Paris. They are under the direct control of the French Treasury. The countries concerned do not have access to this part of their reserves. As the 15 per cent of reserves are insufficient for their needs, they must borrow additional funds from the French Treasury at market prices. Since 1961, Paris controls all foreign exchange reserves in Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

In addition, these countries must each year transfer their “colonial debt” for infrastructure built in France to Paris as Silicon Africa 3 reported in detail. France takes around 440 billion euros a year. The government in Paris also has a right of first refusal on all newly discovered natural resources in African countries. Finally, French companies must have priority in awarding contracts in former colonies. As a result, there is the most assets in the fields of supply, finance, transport, energy and agriculture in the hands of French companies.

The ruling elite in each African country must fulfill these compulsory claims without any other choice. African leaders who refuse are threatened with assassination or overthrow of their government. Over the past 50 years, there have been 67 coups d’état in 26 African countries. 16 of these 26 countries were former colonies of France.

An example is the first president of Togo West Africa, Sylvanus Olympio, overthrown by a coup. He had refused to sign the “Pact for the Continuation of Settlement”. But France insisted that Togo pay the compensation for the infrastructures that had been built by the French during the colonial period. The sum is equivalent to about 40 per cent of households in Togo in 1963, requiring the fairly independent country to reach its economic limits quickly.

In addition, the new president of Togo decided to remove and print his own national currency, the French colonial currency FCFA. Three days after this decision, the new government was overthrown by a group of former foreign legionaries and the President killed. The head of the Legionaries, Gnassingbe Eyadema, received 550 euros from the French embassy for the attack, according to the British Telegraph. Four years later Eyadema was promoted with the support of Paris, the new president of Togo. He established a tyrannical dictatorship in this West African country and remained in power until his death in 2005.

In the following years, the Paris government kept the link with the former legionaries to overthrow unpopular governments in its former colonies. This was the case of the first president of the Central African Republic, David Dacko, overthrown by former members of the Foreign Legion in 1966.
The same thing happened to the President of Burkina Faso, Maurice Yaméogo, and with the President of Benin, Mathieu Kérékou, the author of a coup d’état. This was also the case of the first President of the Republic of Mali Modiba Keita, who was also the victim of a coup by former legionnaires in 1968.
The reason, a few years earlier, he had simply decided to part with the French colonial currency.


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  1. Colonization has never been stopped almost everywhere. Those greedy European leaders never want to resign from such benefits with the help of African bulldogs-leaders who sold their own people. They think they are real leaders of their countries but treated as slaves by the Europeans. Never they get respect selling their countries. Who to blame here ? What a shame.

  2. As we have the World Bank and International Monetary Fund we should also have a combined African Banking and African Monetary Fund. African states must also seek loans or financing from other African states and by that way money will rotate internally in the continent. We must also strive to have one African currency like Europe have the Euro. That will be the only way to economic freedom in Africa. Our presidents must also not invest their money in Swiss banks but within the continent.

    David Maeko, South Africa

  3. Why should those puppets stoop to the direct exploitation imposed upon them by their so called colonial master? Mother Africa weep not, your prodigal sons have perpetually inflicted innumerous, which seem to be far from healing. As a result, you have succumbed to to agony, chagrin and helplessness. Sixty years is too much, a child who was born during that period is becoming a senior citizen, yet the neo colonial dictators attribute every failure to the colonialists. Why can’t they emancipate from such slavery and make Mama AFRICA stand high. Enough is enough, the governments on the continent must work in unison to negate such tendencies which have brought mama Africa to her knees. Weep not mama Africa

  4. COWARDS, Africans have been continuously rounded up as sheep and attacked by the wolves from the North and West. problem is WE allow it. from the period of Slavery to date. NO BALLS to say F**K OFF and the habit to sell out their own for the promise of personal comfort. SEE the wolf from the north is cunning, but we should know better as we have dealt with them for a long time now. To be pushing the Agenda of being afraid of Sanctions is merely cowardly. IF Only Africans understood that we don’t need the west nor the north – instead, they need us with all preciousness the continent has to offer. Now that EVERY Nation has come of AGE and is understanding the Complexities of Economics, CHINA is now making inroads to the same destination that’s yielded beauty for the rest of the world. My People don’t have the attitude to fight and defend its own. WE will gladly take up weapons and kill each other while the Ops Manager is some European or American on the hunt for our resources. What we fail to realize, is that by protecting the current worth of our minerals with tripple their value in the long run. The Man (Qaddafi) that realised this, we let America kill him and stood by and did nothing while he was attacked for wanting a Better AFRICA FOR AFRICANS.

  5. Finally Afrikan people of the continent see what we ‘AmeriKKKanized KneeGrowpeans have been experiencing for centuries marginalization at the hands of good ole’ white folks !!!!

  6. This is most interesting. Now, we are not trees, we can’t live for 300years, however, a chain reaction in the right direction can brek the chains for our future generations. Once, currency was gold, and it was too bulky, then it became a paper presented with a seat to the bank, then a national note, to date, accompanied by it’s cousin the coin. However, all this is becoming too bulky, hence the credit card and atm card, soon to be too bulky as well. With the growth of an online human race (which is inevitable), an All African Cryptocurrency or Block Chain, ahhh….. you can smell freedom can’t you. He who controls the money controls the land. BOOOOOM!

  7. Comment*I think we are fed up with complaining all the time , and the lip-service to mother Africa must also cease . When are we going to emancipate ourselves ? When will Africans realise that God will never descend from heaven to right the wrongs perpetrated against us for us ,but it will take our own efforts to make God change things around ?. I want to see real action .The struggle must begin now , because we do not have time to waste . Most of the natural resources which attract these “vampires” to our continent are nonrenewable which get depleted with time ,which is the main reason why I think its is high time for Africans to rise for their rights. Hunger and diseases are killing Africans day in day out just because we are “poor”. We are poor technologically , but not in resources. Let’s take full ownership of our rich resources by telling the West and the North ,and their henchmen amongst us who wouldn’t mind selling Africa for a penny ( if that will serve their parochial interest ) that enough is enough . By doing this , we shall be able to derive full benefits from our God given resources for our own
    technological uplifting and economical emancipation , and the unnecessary painful hunger and death will also cease.

  8. African leader exploit its people. Other african countries must stand up and fight this and go to war with france if they have to

  9. ‘Rich and at the same time poor due to the continuation of the exploitation of African. Cancel France these agreements, language and adopt your own language. Like German, French is a dying language and is worth less than one dollar to be spoken at all. Develop your own defense fuck the French out of Africa for good. . No wonder things are never moving forward in these French speaking countries.

  10. The only way to get rid of these
    Keltics) European blood suckers
    give them back their false gods/ jesus
    and all the fake Religions and Language
    that has nothing to with us or for us

  11. The only way to get rid of these
    Keltics) European blood suckers
    give them back their false gods/ jesus
    and all the fake Religions and Language
    that has nothing to with us or for us


  12. That’s what they did to Haiti in the 1800’s they see it was so successfully they doing to all the west coast countries in Africa. what a shame, the exact same policies.

  13. Absolutely abhorrent policies of colonial masters continue to loot African resources years after independence . Shame on France and all the European countries that have such policies in place. Africa unite for the sake of a a better tomorrow .

  14. This situation with France is appalling it unjust all the world continues to take advantage of AFRICA with the help of the powers of the people in power The Continent should get together and run all the non African out.Stop taking bribes

  15. If you claim to be ‘african’ and write emotionally against what the ‘colonialists’, that is, european murderers who invaded what is called “Africa” and committed genocide on its people and conquered and appropriated their land and other resources, did yet you wear and carry european or “white” people’s names, then frankly you are either a hypocrite or foolish. You think and act as if ‘colonialism’ is out there, somewhere else, some place in Africa and not in you, not manifested in you, your character and value-system and in most part, if not entire way of life. You proudly run around with your “white” people’s names and doing all sorts of other colonial things but have the audacity pretend you don’t like what the ‘colonialists’ or ‘colonial system’ did to you. You are foolish!

    • It doesnt matter what that person wears or have a name that he or she cant control of. If that person is a person colour of African descent/diaspora/African wants to stand up against this BS colonization. Then they can and nobody has the right to challenge that! PERIOD

  16. This type of colonization is worth than the previous one. And for these countries to remain under type colonial live indicated the weak leadership in Africa and how African leaders don’t think for the future of thypeople. It’s a pity!

  17. Time for all these African countries to take France to the international court for robbing Africa/Africans. For, aiding and abiding African Leaders dictatorship and starvation of Africa children. If that doesn’t work total rebellion against France. How dare France? This is evil taskmaster. I thought Pharaohs’ died in the bible. Unbelievable. And, they census these Africans from entering France and racist towards them?. While their money is taking care and feeding France/and the French. Please, Africa leaders. It’s time to end this enslavement. What’s going on? And, the world is silent? See why ppl hate the White man??? What’s the British, Portuguese, and Belgium taking? We need to know. Whao!

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