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This Man Saved a Baby From a Fire 17 Years Later, Something Unexpected Happened ! (VIDEO)

In one of the rooms he found a nine-month baby who was curled up in a crib.Carefully he took her in his arms and stormed out, and then after 17 years, something unexpected happened.


The event of 17 years ago during a rescue firefighter Mike Hughes never forgot. The call for help came from home Dawson, where the raging fire from which they all pulled out all but not babie. Mike made the decision without hesitation – he returned to the fire that has already engulfed a large part of the house.


There, in one of the rooms found nine-month baby Dawnielle, who was lying on a cot wrapped in a blanket. Carefully he took her in his arms and stormed out. News of the rescue quickly spread and Mike was declared a hero for a reason.

When we arrived, a large area of the house has already been affected by fire. I found Dawnielle curled up in a corner of his crib,” explains Mike scene who says hewill never forget.

When they emerged social networks, Mike decided to call the baby who was saved and who has subsequently grown into a girl.

“Hey, I think I pulled out of the fire when you were a baby,” wrote Mike, and that was enough for them to reconnect.They became so close that Mike now is a second father to a girl who was saved from certain death.

Dawnielle, when she finished high school, invited Mike to attend the ceremony.But when Daniel came on stage to give a speech, Mike it was so poignant moment, he started to cry.

“Mike’s presence here is very important to me. I always cry with happiness when I think how different everything would be finished. Now I wouldn’t be here if he don’t save me in the fire,” said the girl to Mike at the end of her speech.


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