Save Your Heart, Kidneys, and Brain: Clean Your Arteries With These 3 ingredients

Arteries carry blood away from the heart to the whole body. The blood is oxygen-rich and it is needed for the whole body to function normal. So from this you can understand of what big importance are arteries.

The cardiovascular system(circulatory system) permits blood to circulate and transport nutrients(amino acids, electrolytes), oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, and blood cells to and from the cells in the body. If the cardiovascular system is damaged it can lead to many heart diseases, including heart attack. It can be damaged by eating a lot of processed foods, fatty foods, toxins and chemicals.


In this article you will read about recipe that will cleanse your arteries. It is simple recipe, and it can be of very good use.


-8 cloves of garlic
-1 piece of ginger (4-5 cm)
-100 oz/3 liters clean water
– 8 lemons


The lemons need to be washed, before cutting them into pieces. After cutting the lemons, clean the garlic cloves and the ginger. Until you get smooth mixture, mix them well. After that transfer it in a pot, add water and cook. Remove the pot from the heat when the water starts boiling. Now put the mixture in bottles.


2 hours before meals(on an empty stomach), daily. For even better results, when you start using this treatment, do regular exercises at least three times a day. The results will be phenomenal.


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