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Saudi Prince Blames Black Africans For Hajj Stampede? 717 Dead So Far

Prince Khaled al-Faisal, the head of Saudi Arabia’s central Hajj committee has put the blame of the stampede outside the city of Mecca on ‘some pilgrims with African nationalities’.  This was reported by Saudi Arabia-owned Al-Arabiya TV news channel, International Business Times and other media agencies. At least 717 people have been killed in the crush while over 850 injured. It is feared that many Nigerians were crushed to death in the stampede. Pilgrims from several nations have died in the stampede, which happened when two groups of pilgrims arrived at a junction on Street 204 at the tent city of Mina for a traditional stone-throwing ritual.

Black pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.


Prince Khaled al-Faisal.

The controversial remarks of Prince Khaled were also repeated by the Saudi health minister, Khaled al-Falih, who was quoted by El-Ekhbariya television saying: “many pilgrims move without respecting the timetables [set by authorities, which was the] principal reason for this type of accident. If the pilgrims had followed instructions, this type of accident could have been avoided.”

 In other news, about 47 Iranian pilgrims have lost their lives and the Iranian officials are putting the blame squarely on Saudi Arabia accusing them of mismanagement and lack of safety. Said Ohadi, the head of Iran’s Hajj organization said the incident was as a result of the decision of the Saudi authorities to close two paths near the site where the symbolic stoning of the devil is done. He said on Iranian state television:

“Today’s incident shows mismanagement and lack of serious attention to the safety of pilgrims. There is no other explanation. The Saudi officials should be held accountable.”


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  1. We are always the fall guy of these Arabs! The so-called “whites” too don’t love us!! Worse still, we don’t even love one another as Africans!!! Remember xenophobic crises???? Africa Unite!!!!!!!

    • Muslims r not racist. This is merely a propaganda. We can never hate blacks even any human being.plz read the history of Islam.hazrat Bilal Razi Allah tala unha was a black.once he had not called for azan Allah tallah did not turn night into morning.we believe when he walked on earth his footsteps were heard in janna or heaven.we respect n love him a lot.he was a beloved and faithful companion of our prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w.I salute hazrat Bilal n I’m proud to say that he was a black.

      • Hina.

        Your profete Mohammed vere an pedofile scildabuser,a murderen,that killed people if they dident listen to him or did his vill.Its time you muslims understand that your alla is the devil that you follov,just se vhat your fellov muslims are doing just nao in Urope!
        Noting but evil in the coran that you and alike follovs.Mohammed died just like an human do,Jesus vere resurekted and vent to heaven to GOD his fater.There is no oter GOD than him.The devil is very smart,he have desived millions of you,but you are to blind to se that.

  2. What the prince is saying is bullshit,always the are showing racism on blacks,and the saudi government should held responsible,And I should advice saudi government to start reciting ISTIGFAR because of what they are doing,the should look back to the time of prophet Muhammad time and ask themselves of what did is contrary to those days time,

  3. Racism will never take you anywhere. We all have same red color, we will all die one day. Where is it written that white Africans or the so called Arabs will never die and leave their wealth on earth?

    I think some human race just don’t have brains to think, they are so brainwashed in their wealth and their color.
    If i may ask what is in color, yet you proclaim to spread God/ Allah’s message. Stop fooling yourselves.

      • It’s not about racism , its that Nigerians pilgrims are known to hold each other and stump on whoever is in there way. I’ve heard many people I know say the same when they went to Hajj.

  4. It is a shame, when something bad happens, we don’t need this blaming games. The authorities should check the history of incidents that has happened in the past and try to put up a better system

    • You rather have to think about your religion. every islam inwardly support beheading of Christians. Whiles Jesus Christ preached ‘love and pray for your enemies’ your stone-throwing-legacy-prophet preached hate and kill your enermies. Whiles Jesus preached ‘there is no marriage in heaven’. Your prophet promised seven virgins to whoever blows himself up and kill others he termed infidel. Is it not about time you look for why this difference in personalities and stop blaming equally ignorant blacks who follow the religion to mecca. The prince is as ””” as his ”””.

      • Muhammed Peace and blessings be upon him did not spread neither hate nor beheading, he simply spread love and peace ( ISLAM) and these ignorant blacks as your ignorant racist, empty head says they are allowed t follow or worship anything religion so get some knowledge before u comment.idiotic asshole

  5. I am not surprise the prince said that. Travel over the world and see what blacks go through.
    We don’t need to blame them, because the same thing happens among us, blacks of South Africa sees themselves superior to the rest in Africa, those in northern Africa sees themselves as Europeans and not African and those in America also sees themselves better the African blacks and portray them as monkeys on three, hungry and poor people. etc. It is time we love our uniqueness as blacks and treat each other as human, this will send signal to others about Africa.

    • It’s not blackamericans who created that image of Africa, just lke we didnt create the thug, bufoon, coon~like image of ourselves. I agree its pathetic that many accept and never question, and irs counter productive to our growth and development…but for sure we didn’t create it and for that matter have little control over the falsity.

    • We (black Americans) were brainwashed to believe Africa (the entire continent) was nothing but huts and savages. Just like Africans are taught that we are lazy criminals. The more of us that visit Africa and come back to share the knowledge, the more we realize we’ve been lied to and the harder we work to ensure our children don’t believe the same mess. Nowadays, we KNOW the misinformation was on purpose (to keep us separate from each other) and we KNOW better than to believe the lies about our brothers and sisters in Africa.

      I was in Morocco in March and next month, I’ll be visiting Nigeria, Tanzania, & Zanzibar. I’ll be back the following year to visit several more countries.

      Bottom line, we don’t think we’re better than blacks/Africans from anywhere else on this earth. We frequently say the only difference between blacks/Africans spread across the earth, is the boat stop (per the slave trade). We share the same ancestors.

        • We Africans are loved by God and that is why He has kept us alive from these ruthless haters. Whether you like it or not, we will be who we are, Africans. Africa is a continent that every creature wants to befriend and steal her resources. God has purpose(s) for Africans and it will be through us that you saints of the devil shall be saved. Get that into your stupid and racist minds. If Mohammed simply spread peace and Love, I presume his followers should emulate his example. Consequently, the Prince or whatever he calls himself is an enemy of Muhammed.

    • You see, that’s what we are talking about, why mention the Nigerian Igbos? The Igbos are blacka like you, what then do you expect the whites and arabs to do to blacks?


  6. rubbish!These Saudis are true to type like all Arabs and so called whites.people leave their countries, travel long distances,spend money and all you can say is to blame them? let Saudis take the blame and compensate.l am in Cameroon

  7. Why are there so many deaths during all the Hajj I have known for decades or centuries?
    Is it some kind of sacrifice of the ignorant to something we don’t know? Beats my mind why thousands are dying each year during the pilgrimage, and it gets worse by the year.

  8. The last race I will ever want to be on earth if I should die and come again is arab. I prefer being black to being arab who still leave in the dark and stone age, so unethical and uncivilised. Imagine a region who still believe that peoples limbs should be cut of for committing a particular a kind of sin in this 21st century. Don’t worry good God’s people because their allah is not the same as our God and they are so blinded with ignorance that they don’t bother to look for the truth. Look at what is happening in Syria. They run to the west and yet claim that Boka haram. I want muslims to read Isaiah 17. Don”t say you don’t have bible. Just google Isaiah 17

  9. if I am ever given a chance to rule UK for just one day. Arabs will go back to their God forsaken country. David don’t let them in please. they will disturb our peace. I even believe that Europe and America are more comfortable with blacks than Arabs. Every terrorist is a muslem other than any other religion, why?

  10. You Africans need to stop follow a fraudulent religion Islam. Prophet Mohammed hated black people and said that if Muslims wanted to see what Satan looks like, look at a black man. Stay away from Islam. It is evil.

    • Pro blacks claim that original arabs were black, yet why does Muhammad have a black servant, if he is supposed to already be black himself?!?

      • Ismael’s the forbear of Arabs come from a “Negress from the deserts of Egypt”. According to Ahmed Dedat an Islamic Scholar. Arabs and blacks have shared a common ancestor long ago. You will find many Africans and Arabs living and sharing not only the Islamic religion but common cultures from Africa into the middle east. I do not see many Nordic European types integrated into the Arab culture as you do blacks. It is obvious. These Blacks where not all slaves but some of the original Arab tribes. They have intermingled for thousand of years before they where one origin but broken into various tribes and mingled with others Period. PS an Nigerians are a pain in the ass and scamers!

  11. I am a Muslim. I love my religion and I believe in everything my religion has taught me. Islam means peace. The pilgrimage is a pillar of Islam.. All these people that have passed away have died as martyrs… They went to meet our lord and our lord loved there coming to him.. So he called them closer.. Forever.. They are the lucky ones….

    • If you are an African then you are a colonial slave of those despicable Arabs. Islam, a primitive plagiarized[from Judaism and Christianity] religion was founded by a child rapist, big time brigand and thief, and a killer of the first order. Yet the stupid Muslim Arabs say that this degenerate criminal is the best role model for all time. Obviously such people should have their heads examined

  12. This Guy is a shit who don’t know what ti blame take ur own responsibility pliz n leave racism aside Saudi ORIGIN IS BLACK Excuse my saudi sinners did it

    • Stupid slave of Arabs fools–that’s why they call jackasses like you “abd”–and you just grin stupidly like the dumb slave that you are. Grow a brain, imbecile. Fool I am smart enough not to take ANY non-African religion seriously. But you brainwashed fake Arabs are a disgrace to Africa.

  13. Africans are just so dumb to embrace that stupid Islam founded by a rapist, thief and killer. Every year those fools spend good money to run over to Macca to kiss Arab ass–like dumb slaves. They say colonialism is over. Heck no!

    • You are the worst fool I ever read his comment and how does what happens at mecca concerns you the non Muslims? That you can not mind your own religion

  14. Happy edd to all … and all are sad for the incident… the Honourable Prince views are right … in the photo itself one can clearly see how our hujjaj is climbing and others are following and noone can stop them and going there is nothing to do with haj rites .. even here in india 4-5 policemen dont came near them. Our respected full of energy hajis and other haj volunteers can very well contribute for smooth running… dua go … khamehujjaj 1966 .. 76

  15. Plz try to understand had there been some Arabs they must have been mentioned.the point is simply the ones or the human Beings who were there not their race or color. All human beings have the same color of blood in their veins n they feel the same pain when they r hurt.n if anyone speaks against our beloved prophet s.a.w.w it does not affect his reverence even an inch.he was the best lover of humanity.his enemies have been appearing in All times n have been facing the music of their doings.he never cursed anyone throughout his life even when he was thrown stones n he was bleeding .pharaoh did not believe in the oneness of Allah n c his end.even the fish didn’t like to eat him.

  16. Well, The Saudi Government might be saying the truth seeing that No African Muslim leader/president/Head of state even had the decency of denying or standing up against the Saudi King. Lols.
    No wonder they call you black moslems Abeed.

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