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Saudi King Salman Was Caught In The Act, Lavishly Spent $100 million On Morocco Holiday

Saudi King, King Salman has reportedly splashed a total of $100 million on his month long vacation in Morocco.

The king who reigns over a kingdom where he earns an average of $33,000 as salary was reported to have travelled into Morocco in style.

King Salman visited his favourite holiday spot, Tangier, in the country located in the north west of Morocco.


He is reported to have stormed the relaxation spot with an entourage of more than 1,000, all booked into luxury hotels.

King Salman himself stayed in the palatial 74-acre summer palace, which is one of his many properties around the world.

The palace boasts of lavish restaurants, and impressive views of the sea.

The 81-year-old King’s summer palace has reportedly been renovated extensively over the past 12 months with fittings to include helipads amongst others.

King Salman, according to Israel’s Haaretz newspaper is also said to have lavished a part of the $100 million on 200 cars


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