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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Wants to Buy This Big English Club


Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has expressed interest in buying Manchester United. According to UK Sun, the billionaire who has a fortune of about 850 billion pounds would be ready for anything to afford the Red Devils.


To buy Manchester United, Mohammad Bin Salman will have to pay around £ 3 billion.

The Glazers family, owner of Manchester United since 2005, has not yet revealed its desire to sell the club. But several sources report that club co-president Avram Glazer has spent a lot of time in Saudi Arabia in recent weeks. Avram is scheduled to attend the conference on future investment initiatives in Riyadh later this month and is likely to meet Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

Manchester United currently ranks 8th in the Premier League with 13 points and eight games played.



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