Saudi Arabia Makes History: The First Country To Grant Citizenship To A Robot

The human robot, Sophia, told the audience at a conference in Riyadh how ‘honored’ she was at being made a Saudi citizen.

She addressed the conference in English without wearing a headscarf and abaya, which Saudi women are obliged to wear in public. ‘Thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am very honoured and proud for this unique distinction,’ Sophia said.

Sophia the robot addresses Saudi investment conference.

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‘It is historic to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with citizenship.’ Thousands of Twitter users began circulating an ironic hashtag in Arabic, which translated as ‘Sophia calls for dropping guardianship’. Judge sparks outrage saying sex assault victim was ‘overweight but had a pretty face’ In the Middle East country, a guardianship system means every women has to have a male companion.


This male guardian can step in and act on the woman’s behalf if he chooses to. Others on social media also expressed their concern over Sophia’s citizenship. Many questioned whether Sophia would speak out on human rights issues in Saudi Arabia (Picture: REX) Kareem Chehayeb said: ‘A humanoid robot called Sophia got Saudi citizenship, while millions linger stateless. What a time to be alive.’ Moudi Aljohani added:

‘I’m wondering if robot Sophia can leave Saudi Arabia without her guardian consent! Since she’s officially Saudi.’ Anti-racist protesters outnumber white supremacists at White Lives Matter rallies Back at the conference, Sophia threw shade on Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, when she was asked about the evil futuristic robots depicted in films like Blade Runner 2049.

She said people have nothing to fear, including: ‘You’ve been perusing excessively Elon Musk and observing an excessive number of Hollywood motion pictures.’ She stated: ‘

My consciousness is planned around human esteems like knowledge, thoughtfulness and empathy. ‘I endeavor to end up noticeably a compassionate robot.’ It is hazy what Sophia’s interesting citizenship will mean in commonsense terms, and whether it is currently illicit to kill her or destroy her.



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