Saudi Arabia: Aside Driving, Check Out 5 Other Things Women Are Still Not Allowed To Do

Saudi Arabia recently granted women the right to drive. Considered by many human rights defenders, as one of the most repressive countries in the world, this decision is part of the measures taken by the government to promote equality in Saudi Arabia.

Nevertheless, there are always things that women can not do in this extremely conservative country:

Applying for a passport : Although women are allowed to have a passport or national identity card, they need the permission of their guardian or husband to apply for a passport. The husband, father or brother must give his authorization and sign the application forms.


Getting a fair hearing in court : in a Saudi court, “a man’s testimony is equal to that of two women.” Women who manage to bring a man to justice are generally ignored or are not taken seriously. This is particularly dangerous in case of sexual assault, where a woman who complains to the authorities may end up being punished for adultery.

Receiving an equal share in the inheritance of property : according to the Saudi law, the inheritance must be shared equally between the sons and daughters but this is not the case. The Saudi Arabian authorities claim that women should not contribute financially to a home, which is why they are not entitled to a fair inheritance.

To associate freely with the members of the opposite party : women are not allowed to work in the same office with their male colleagues and must not associate with them without the presence of a guardian. Taking the taxi without their guardian is considered a sin, and they can only eat in restaurants where men are not allowed to enter.

In Saudi houses, there are usually two doors, one for men and one for women. In 2002, 15 high school girls died in a fire because the firemen could not enter the building because the girls did not have a sail.

Occupying high positions : women make up 23% of the workforce in Saudi Arabia. For a woman to work, she must make sure that this does not affect her household and must obtain the permission of a guardian.


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