SA’s Lindani Myeni’s Wife Suing U.S. Police Department Over Husband’s Death

Wife of late S. African sportsman Lindsay Myeni suing U.S. police department over husband’s death
Source: Facebook: KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government


The wife of former South African rugby player Lindani Myeni confirmed Thursday that she was suing police in the U.S. state of Hawaii over his death.

“We are still suing the Honolulu police department … I think we’ll get closer to justice,” Lindsay Myeni told reporters after a memorial service of her husband in Empangeni in South Africa’s eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal.

The 29-year-old sportsman was shot dead by police on April 14.


Reports said Myeni was killed during a confrontation with the Hawaii police, who said they took action in response to a burglary call. However, Lindsay Myeni told the press that the burglary accusation was nonsense as her husband had indicated he was on his way home.

Lindani Miyani was unarmed at the time he was killed.

Lindsay Myeni said while the U.S. government had not assisted her young family, she was thankful to the South African government.

“The SA government has been very helpful, putting the funeral and everything together for free. It’s so sweet of them,” she said, adding that she would need the government’s help to secure a citizenship to stay in South Africa.

Lindsay Myeni is an American with two young children with her late husband. She said she would like to raise her children in South Africa.

“Right now, I feel like this is the safest country to raise them. I don’t want to raise kids that are considered Black in America. Clearly, they are not safe,” she said.

KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Premier Sihle Zikalala delivered a eulogy at the memorial service, describing the late sportsman as a compassionate person.

“Those who took Lindani’s life want us to believe that he was a criminal and a violent man, but those who knew him intimately tell tales of a soft-spoken, gentle giant who was always considerate and compassionate,” Zikalala said.

He said that the passing of the rugby player dealt a devastating blow to the country, and that the U.S. government must respond to the outrage over his killing by ensuring justice.

The late sportsman’s funeral will take place on Saturday in KwaZulu-Natal, his home province.


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