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Sara Breedlove: Meet the Little Girl Who Became the 1st Female Black Millionaire in the US

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C.J. Walker often comes to mind when one thinks of the first US Black female millionaire, however, prior to C.J Walker, Sara Breedlove became the first millionaire in 1914 after making great wealth during her lifetime.

Sara was born on Indian territory in Oklahoma in 1902 because her parents were once owned by the Creek Indians before the Civil War.

The Creek Nation signed a treaty between the U.S. Federal Government in 1866, making their former slaves free and were granted full citizenship in the Creek Nation.

According to, being a member of the “Creek Freedmen children”, Sara and her family each received separate portions of land from the Creek Nation, who were forced to divide up the land and farm it under the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887.


The lands were divided among white settlers, Indians and their former slaves, who received the poorest quality of the land.

However, in 1911, then 10 years old, an oil reserve was found on Sarah’s land, which led her to collect hundreds of dollars a day and between $11,000- $15,000 a month.

Sarah’s newfound wealth intimidated white people, so much so that they attempted to put her under white guardianship and legally make her white.

In spite of these hurdles, by 18 years old, Sarah owned stocks, a restaurant, a boarding house, and officially became a Black millionaire in America.

Meanwhile, with old age, comes rich memories from one’s life experiences and after living a century-old, Madam Mary Kwame, better as Adjourni, certainly has more than little nuggets of wisdom to share.

Despite having lost all her children except one surviving daughter, the 100-year-old woman lives everyday in bliss and continues to remain grateful for the little things in her life.


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