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Samuel Eto’o Makes Some Revelations About His Marriage To Georgette Eto’o.


In an interview in Turkey and relayed by Vox africa, in Antalya, on the occasion of a special program by Camus Mimb Griffe, the former captain of the indomitable lions of Cameroon, Samuel Eto’o Fils, answered several questions, including those relating to her recent marriage to Georgette Eto’o.



Asked why he had waited so long before getting married, Samuel Eto’o replied that he had already promised Georgette Eto’o that she was the chosen of his heart and that at the moment he had to to stop traveling too much, he will organize his wedding. But journalist Laura Dave bounced back by asking Samuel Eto’o why her marriage was so rushed.

The former FC Barcelona striker reacted by saying he had not made the finding. According to him, the time had arrived to get married. The other question about Samuel Eto’o’s wedding was about the amount of rings that were in Diamond. Answering the question, Samuel Eto’o cut short by saying that the price of rings does not count. “The most important thing is that everything went well and that the rings are beautiful. The price does not matter.


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