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Samuel Eto’o: “I Went Through Difficult Times Before Being the Person I am Today..”

The life of a man has never been easy, I have gone through difficult times before being who I am today. My galley girlfriend even gave up on me when I really loved her and no one believed in me. But I persevered in football and I succeeded, I worked with the sweat of my forehead day and night, I neither stole nor killed to get where I am but before I became a footballer ‘ started with a beginning: I worked hard in the small places and even in the fields by loading bananas on my head, etc. But today all young people want to work in an air-conditioned office when they refuse to suffer.


You do not get up suddenly to work in an office, but you start with a start. Example: if you do your business, think about investing in other activities to move forward. Our brothers must not give up, they must not steal and kill for money, they must not love easy life. A real boy, a real man is someone who works hard because at the end of the effort is the comfort.

Samuel Eto’o


Written by How Africa

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